It's a great day to start somthing big

Teknik Movers was established in 4 Feb,2004 as an International Freight Forwarding Company, providing comprehensive range of Freight Services by triangular means of Air, Sea, and Land to any destination at anytime. The Company becomes an IATA Approved agent in Oct 2006.

The infrastructure of Teknik Movers is to be fore-runner in Air/Ocean freight cargo and thus reach a crescendo of perfection, where our clients rely on us blindly and we provide them with optimal results. There are analogue of companies providing the services as we do, but we are working to reach the pinnacle of success and utilize the best of our facilities in bridging the gulf between the Shipper's & Customers, and this is mission we are working for ..

It is expanding its global reach by better understanding the raised competition in global standards for quality, increased demand for advanced technology and innovation,and increased values of customer satisfaction.

The stage at which we are standing today is the result of devoted efforts of management, staff and workers. With their professionalism, we have been able to establish a long chain of satisfied customers. We believe in quality which is the benchmark of Teknik Movers Present era is of Specialization. The world has transformed into a global village where timely, complete, relevant, and concise information can yield results putting bearing marks on success in the International market. The same was foresighted by Teknik Movers and it adopted these methods and communication channels in the network of branches which treat customers in personal manner.

We hope that with the Unceasing Process of improvement and managerial commitment, we will reach our anticipated level of target where everyone will follow us and set their standards as we set being a market leader.